Royal Caribbean Cruise Line – Cozumel Mexico Tips

Cozumel is a veritable playground. On the west side of the island are the tourist beaches, each beach with toys galore, wave runners, kayaks, aqua parks, umbrellas, chairs, pools and bars and restaurants. Each beach is its own small stretch along a large stretch of beach run by a different company. We settled on Paradise Beach as this was recommended by a local tourist as it has a pool which you can swim in for an additional $2. The taxi was $14 each way for three of us. We took out the wave runners which was very different from being on Lake George. You could jet anywhere you like in front of the beach and hit waves as hard as you like. I recommend booking a massage after jet skiing for your last day! Boy were we soar after jet skiing.

If you are missing something on Cozumel Bodega Aurrera Was the Wal-Mart of Cozumel. $4 from the ship will take you there and you can stock up on anything from beer to liquor – though RCC will confiscate your liquor and return it to you the last night of your cruise.