Best Hot Springs in La Fortuna in the Arenal Volcano Region if you are on a Budget and to Splurge on!

Which Hot Springs are the BEST?  

Many of the hotels have hot spring pools called Thermal pools, they are amazing, but there is something special about experiencing the springs right from the river.

The top three hot spring destinations in Costa Rica are Baldi (ideal for families with younger children), Ecothermales which is sold as a more authentic, less commercial experience and more cost-effective than Tabacon and Tabacon which is a gorgeous, luxurious perfectly manicured experience and has a price tag to go with it!

With teenagers, as this is a once and a lifetime experience, we recommend Tabacon as it’s incredibly gorgeous, perfectly landscaped gardens and many little coves and spots to try fill an entire day with awe, discovery and truly special family time.  Most of the bathing areas had sandy floors or lanscaped steps to make it safe and not slipperly or hard to enter.  Plus in a social media crazy world, every inch of the resort is Instagram worthy!  

How to experience the Hot Spring Rivers for FREE!!!!  

If time or budget do not allow, you can get a taste of the experience by going across the street from Tabacon.  There is a free entry to the same river that feeds Tabacon and you can walk up the river under a bridge covered in graffiti to enjoy the warm springs.  The springs in Tabacon were higher up and therefore, a little warmer and had sandy floors for the most part and often man-made steps, the free springs were much more slippery and a little more dangerous.  Definitely, a must go place for the hostel crowd and for someone who wants to experience it without the expense for just an hour or so.  We highly recommend wearing water sandals, bringing bandaids and neosporin (in case you slip) and walking very, very carefully, the combination of the current and slippery rocks is a little tough unless you are fit.