About Family Vacation Tips

At Family Vacation Tips, we offer unbiased reviews

I pay for all my vacations, no one comps me and I don’t accept advertising from the resorts that I review, this way there can be no question as to the source of these reviews.  I use photos that I take with my family in it so that you know that I actually went to these locations.

Unfortunately, in the popular review websites that allow anyone to review, many reviews are actually hotels or competitors posing as customers, or an angry customer who uses more fiction than fact to “get even” and often this is not reality of the resort or the experience you will have.  All of this makes it hard to tell fact from fiction.

I got so frustrated with bad information on review sites that I decided to start my own. I hope this helps you make informed decisions.

Am I picky, yes, I like high quality resorts and when booking condos almost always stay at a Gold Crown resort.  But after being in the hospitality business (I used to do marketing for the Fort William Henry resort in Lake George), I’m also realistic.  I have no agenda so I hope you will find these reviews worthwhile.  If you do, please visit the Google sponsors to the site :).