Grand Cayman Shore Excursion Alternatives and Tips

Grand Cayman was our favorite island, we took at WB Bus (which is the same as a taxi but MUCH cheaper just $2.50 per ride – to go anywhere per person). We went past 7 mile beach, past hell to Dolphin Discovery which was fantastic, the little kids got dolphin kisses for just $25 each with photos and our 11 year old loved the swim with the dolphins this was the most generous swim with the dolphins we’ve ever seen she had three “trips” on the dolphins with many different experiences for $109. Most people bought the $159 program so they put her on that program. For those saving money this is directly across from the sea turtle trip $20 for adults and $12 for kids – so we had so much fun seeing the dolphins and interacting and holding the sea turtles. The dolphin excursion also included walking in a section with sting rays. This was a HUGE savings over the RCC Official Excursions. If you go, do the dolphins first as your Turtle Farm visit is included with a Dolphin Experience.