How to Stay Healthy on a Cruise

Don’t get Sick – Before and During the Cruise – Tips to Stay Healthy

First, prior to the cruise make sure you get all your kids to step up the hand washing routine, avoid big parties, sharing food and drink and take your vitamins and exercise. There is nothing worse than being sick on a cruise. If someone does have the flu – don’t board the cruise “hoping” it will pass. No matter how hard you try, the cabins are small and you will all get sick and have the worst vacation of your lives. You will feel guilty about possibly infecting others etc… I speak from experience and it was the worst vacation mistake ever. Fish oil tabs work wonders – take those for three weeks before you travel.

During the cruise: You will be given Purell at every lunch and dining option, though nothing beats a good handwashing, bring Emergen-C and your vitamins and be true to them as the junk food on the cruise is just too alluring and you will need to stay strong. If you are against high fructose corn syrup,

TIP: Bring your own maple syrup from Upstate NY, for breakfast pancakes and French toast. We saw a gentleman bringing his own real syrup into the dining room and we were in awe – how smart was he!

Letting kids stay in kids club until all hours of the night is tempting but let them sleep in too they need their sleep and if they don’t get it they will get sick. Exercise and fresh air help you stay healthy so take a nice walk everyday, encourage the kids to join you.