Labadee, Haiti

This is RCC private section of Haiti, they have carefully crafted fabulous excursions aimed for the traveler. The Dragon’s Breath Zip Line quickly sold out and was a big favorite of the guests on the cruise. We did the aqua park which was a lot of fun and 1 hour was plenty. Bring cash to the islands to tip the beach helpers for bringing you chairs and tents we paid them $20 for chairs and a tent and he was happy.

The guests that did the zip line excursion were positively glowing about the experience, since this was sold out, I have to only tell you to try it! It’s not as scary as it looks. This is totally RCC, so there is no cheaper way to do this island, so give in to your cheapness and spend money on the excursions.

Haiti was so hot and the sun so intense, that despite constant spraying of sun tan lotion everyone got burned except my son who wore an SPF 100 long sleeve shirt. Next time, everyone gets an SPF shirt. We don’t need that for Florida but the Caribbean sun is more intense.

Our friends got the cabanas for $250, and we think that was a great investment, instead of racing to get the very few umbrella/tents to have cover from the sun, they had lush comfy sofa chairs in the shade overlooking the bay. They gave this very high marks.

We did this twice in a row. We got all the kids SPF shirts this time which worked well and sprayed but NOT the hands and the parts of the hair so the girls when they took off their caps to swim got burned parts and burned hands. Next year, consistent spraying, sun hats and shirts.

We also did the Dragon’s Breath Zip Line, this is not a “thrill ride” if you have been bungee jumping, rather this trip should be likened to parasailing, beautiful, slightly thrilling but not scary. We did this with a man who was told that the line was “handicap accessible” this is not true there are very steep steps you must climb in order to do the test zip line so we highly recommend that if you can’t walk steps on your own that you skip this excursion.

Excursion Day Tips: Grab a few milks and cereals from the buffet for your trips, it will keep kids happy as you shop and walk around the city before you stop for the “real meal”.