Royal Caribbean Cruise vs. Disney Kids Club

At first glance the RCC kids clubs looked very disappointing, after all, they appear to be just large lounges, whereas the Disney kids clubs look like…well… Disneyworld – full of entertainment and attractions, pimped up computers and over sized everything, bridges and caves and large climbing areas.

The good news was, the kids didn’t care, they made friends and had so much fun due to the excellence of the Royal Caribbean youth directors that my son actually cried when I went to pick him up. Not cause he was unhappy no, because he didn’t want to leave.

Kids LOVE the kids club. There is nothing flashy but the kids are having great fun playing games and doing the many activities planned by the youth leaders.

In fact our kids ages 7-11 preferred the RCC Kids Club over the Disney Kids Clubs

This year, our 11 year old turned 12 and joined the 12-14 year old club and loved it – even more than she liked the club the year before. We learned that all counselors actually have a degree in education and they really were amazing. Again, we can say that the kids clubs are consistently the best we’ve seen.