St. Johns USVI Travel Tips for Families

ST JOHN: We were happy to have our car with us to travel the island and find our “perfect beach” where sting rays swim and turtles were seen by the few other people on the MAHO BAY beach. The view was perfect and it was another great relaxing day. We then traveled around in the car and enjoyed the beautiful sights, our favorite stop was in the very center of the island at BOURDEAUX MOUNTAIN where the views were the best of the whole island. There is a funky little bar and gift shops there. Well worth the trip! At one point we reached Salt Pond Bay – a very popular destination beach on the southeast end. However, if you opt for this great destination remember it’s a short five minute walk down the beach and a long 15 minute hike back to your car, so travel light!

Our trip to Trunk Bay was all it was cracked up to be, it’s one of the most popular beaches on St. John.  We loved the underwater snorkeling trail with its underwater markers which explained the coral and fish we were seeing along the way. It was an exciting experience.  Trunk Bay is a national park.  Admission is $4. Amenities include showers, restrooms, gift shop, chair and snorkeling equipment rental, and concessions.

DINING IN ST. JOHN: Loraine highly recommended Asolaras, however, we were not able to get reservations. She also recommended the Lime Inn, however, as it was Sunday they were closed. So we tried our luck at CAFÉ WAHOO which had amazing views of the sea. Unfortunately, we did not enjoy the food. If you love currie you will love this restaurant. *** three stars. My recommendation would be to plan in advance and reserve at Asolaras.

ST JOHN FERRY Tips: You can take the people ferry and arrive in a cute little town, but you will need to take expensive taxis or rent a jeep for the day. We opted for the car ferry — buy a one way ticket, this way you can take whichever ferry is ready to go when you return and won’t have to wait an hour or so to get back to St. Thomas.